Top 10 Reasons to Use Online Software to Run Your Camp

There are a bucket full of benefits to using an online booking software such as Let’s Camp to manage your campground bookings and reports. There are a few key reasons though that make going online a no brainer. So here is a compiled list of the top 10 reasons that our current clients have identified for us as to why they use our online booking system.

In no particular order, here they are:

1. Take Bookings Online

This one is probably the most obvious and top reason to go online with your booking system. Allowing customers to book online saves your park staff endless hours of phone calls and entering bookings into your little black book. Guests can go online using their computer, tablet or mobile phone to quickly and easily book themselves into your park. When they book, they also pay so you don’t need to collect anything from them when they arrive.

2. Manage All Bookings in One Place, Accessible From Anywhere

We are combining two benefits in one here but it make sense. Having the ability to view and look up any booking from any device connected from the internet is an awesome feature. Imagine how nice it is for a park manager who is talking to a guest in their site to just open up and check and see if the site they’re in is available for one more night and extend their booking for them on the spot. Gone are the days of having to go to the front gate to check the book.

3. Less Human Error

By building in strict rules into our system you will never get double bookings and the prices and refunds will always calculate correctly. Dealing with double bookings and refunds are not fun so why not eliminate those errors and let an online booking system take those headaches away.

4. Happier Campers

With campers having the ability to book online and manage their booking themselves, this eliminates stress for them to call in several times to find out what’s available and book something. Being able to see a map of your park and pictures of each site before they book will also make them happier knowing that they are booked into a site they are going to enjoy.

5. Fewer Questions and Complaints

Parks who don’t have an online booking system get multiple calls a day from people simply asking if they have sites available for a particular date or if there has been a cancellation. Giving your potential customers the ability to view your availability calendar they can quickly check themselves if there is a site free for the dates they want to camp.

6. More Free Time, Means Getting More Done

With less time on the phone answering questions and less time at the desk entering bookings, this frees up your staff to other stuff in your park like park improvements, helping guests who are already paid and staying in your park, and whatever else you need them to do.

7. Ease of Accounting

An online booking system saves all your bookings, transactions and guest data within a database. This means that you can build reports from this data that can be used to import into your accounting software. This eliminates having to manually enter each booking into another piece of software. Also knowing how much money came into your park in a quick glance report is a comforting feeling and takes the guess work out of accounting.

8. Statistics

Use the statistics from the database of bookings to improve your park. Our system lets you quickly generate reports to find out what sites are busiest, which are booked the least, and anything else you might want to know. You can now use this data to make better informed decisions about improving your park.

9. Fewer Cancellations or Lost Revenue from Cancellations

By collecting payment for bookings up front and having strict cancellation policies in place, guests are less likely to cancel their booking just because the weather is not to their liking, or other poor excuse. Let’s Camp lets you set cancellation rules that penalize guests for cancelling last minute. This helps you keep more money in your pocket for people who do cancel out of site.

10. Notify Public / Guests Immediately

There are a couple different ways a system like Let’s Camp can do this for you. When people go to book online you can post a note within the booking process to notify guests of a fire ban or an event that might be going on during their stay. Our system also has a feature that will let you email the guests registered to stay in your part, or a partial list, to notify them of anything you want.

Now What?

With so many benefits, it is hard to find a reason not to switch to an online booking system for your park. Contact us today to get a demo of how our system works, and get our system working for you.

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