Future of Let’s Camp

What are we doing?

Let’s Camp was originally built to help campgrounds take bookings from campers. While our current version was able to do that, we feel that we’re missing huge opportunities for both Campers and Campgrounds.

Why are we doing it?

We started this project that we’ve been calling “Version 3” because the current version was built for the specific needs of the Canadian Market. Two of the biggest adjustments we were looking to make from our current version were:

  • The ability to take multiple bookings
  • The ability to take multi-currency and multi tax

As a development company, we quickly realized that our best strategy wasn’t to wait until the new version included all of the old features, but to release it as a Minimum Viable Product so we can actively iterate based on customer feedback.

In the process of getting to know our industry and our competition, we came to another realization—every campground booking software we’ve seen is too complicated.

What’s changing?

As we launch our Early Access Beta product, it will be extremely stripped down. As a Minimum Viable Product, we wanted to figure out the simplest steps for a camper to book a campsite, and for a campsite to manage those bookings and take payment.

What’s on the horizon?

Most importantly, the goal for Let’s Camp going forward is to keep it as simple and user-friendly as possible. Adding software to your processes should make things easier, not harder.

We will be moving toward features that add the most value to the most customers, including the ability to book multiple sites for multiple people, easy reporting, add-on sales, and much more.

Our last goal is a bit more ambitious, but we’re looking to change the game with this vision.

Imagine camping as a community.

  • A single place to plan a trip
  • A single place to find and book with any campground
  • A destination for reviews, guides, and resources
  • A place to share your camping experiences with family and friends
  • A place to socialize with other campers nearby

*These features are in their earliest phases and may be subject to change.


Our new pricing model will be a free-to-start model where your campers pay a $5 booking fee and you don’t pay us anything.

In the future, we’re planning on having some paid features as we iterate on our system including Ad space on the listing platform, interactive maps, and others, but we plan to keep the core product free to use for everyone.

Ready to sign up for our Early Access Beta? The future of Camping is in your hands.

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