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Many Canadian campgrounds, RV parks, and cabin rentals do not use any sort of online booking or reservation system. Many have one person responsible for manually keeping track of all reservations and payments. For our intents and purposes let’s call this person Shirley.

Do you feel like Shirley?

Are you tired of…

Manually Taking Reservations

  • Are you sick of being stuck in your gatehouse?
  • Do you spend hours glued to the telephone, checking your computer for email reservation requests, listening and returning voicemails?
  • How much time do you invest in finding your customers the “perfect site” or flipping through pages of bookings to try and fit their availability?

Chasing Payments

  • Are you tired of chasing down customers for their remaining deposit?
  • Are you over the conversation with customers who try to skip out due to bad weather?
  • Do you wish you had control over no-show customers who take cash out of your pocket?

Being a Secretary

  • How much time do you spend manually processing payments or creating hand written receipts for arriving guests?
  • Are you fed up with having to comb through endless paperwork to miraculously compile daily, monthly or year end reports?
  • Are you ready for a management system that works outside of your head?

Being Mr. Nice-Guy

  • Are you tired of putting out fires?
  • Are you always getting the short end of the stick when dealing with disgruntled customers?
  • Do you just wish your cancellation/ refund policies would enforce themselves?

To say the least, we feel sorry for Shirley. She often seems burnt out, tired, and eagerly anticipating the end of summer. No one should ever wish for summer’s end – especially in Canada!

online booking campground booking system

Don’t be a Shirley. We have your solution!

Are you ready to save your valuable time and open the doors to new growth opportunities?

Make Informed Business Decisions

  • Welcome to accurate record keeping.
  • Embrace technology and say hello to sound reporting and real data.
  • What is your most popular site?
  • When is your busiest weekend?
  • How much wood did you sell last season?
  • Let’s Camp provides you with the information needed to make decisions with confidence.

Rolodex of Paying Customers

  • It is the 21st century, and the internet is a real thing. Your campers are online, so it’s time your marketing was too.
  • With a complete management system, you will have the contact information for all campers you do business with.
  • Harness the power of technology to promote to your paying customers and increase your customer retention.

Regain Peace of Mind

  • Take off your secretary hat, and park the repo van. Utilize the Let’s Camp management system and take a weight off your shoulders.
  • No more juggling numbers, sites, campers, rates in your head. No more chasing payments or justifying refund amounts.
  • All information is in your system and all payments and refunds are automatic.

Stay Competitive

  • How many customers do you pass up or miss out on because they didn’t know about you?
  • Today’s customer wants and expects the ability to book or find you online- and at their leisure and convenience. chasing payments or justifying refund amounts.
  • Stay current and on trend with the accommodation industry and your competitors. Most importantly, ensure you always have Happy Campers.
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